Yes! Roesch Tree Service does accept Visa, Mastercard & Discover.  We do have to add on 4% to the quote, as that is the fee the credit card company charges us.  Just let Levi know that you want to pay by Credit Card and when the job is finished, call the office at 440-593-8473 and Tammy will process the charge for you.

Yes!  We do deliver firewood for HEAP customers within Ashtabula County, OH.  You must FIRST register with HEAP, and they will authorize how much firewood we are to bring you.  Once we receive the order from them, we’ll deliver your firewood.  We have been delivering firewood with the HEAP program in Ashtabula County for the last 5 years.

Yes I have insurance and will gladly give you documentation.

I can’t tell you without seeing the stump. Call 440-593-8473 and ask for a FREE ESTIMATE. I will come out within 3 days and give you a price.